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Many of us love the outdoors for the many recreational sports that it provides us: hiking, climbing, surfing, kayaking, etc. But when we arrive to the point of going outside, we realize how much logistical work it actually takes to get moving. What kind of food do we bring? What kitchenware do we need? It starts to feel like a major task. And at the point of departure, we tend to run to the store and buy a bunch of energy sugar bars to last through the weekend.

Sierra Gourmet – Backcountry Catering wants to make your camping experience much easier. Not only do we do the shopping for you, but we show up to your campsite with a fully equipped kitchen. We are not trying to change the campsite into a luxury hotel. In fact, camping in a natural environment is what we want to preserve. We just don’t want people to skip out on healthy, organic meals just because time does not permit. We want you to play while we cook!

  • You customize your trip. We cater wilderness courses, family reunions, weekend getaways, even full-blown backcountry expeditions.

  • We do all the shopping at local organic famers markets and health conscious supermarkets. Our sourcing of ingredients from local farmers ensures tasty, healthy meals every time.

  • We bring with us a fully equipped kitchen. We even include table clothes, candles, and strung up lights to make camp a little more cozy.

  • Don’t worry about starting a fire on chilly nights. When you come back from your awesome day, it will be ready to go.

  • We also have a full stock of tents, cots, sleeping pads, and lounge chairs that we can set up before you ever arrive.

  • Our experience in much of the Sierra Nevada, Big Sur, and pretty much any wild place in California allow us to help you plan your trip if needed. We are always welcome to suggesting great day hikes, surf spots, or peaks to climb.

After ten years of living in Santa Cruz, I have worked as manager for the Santa Cruz Farmers Markets, worked in the front and back of almost every decent restaurant in Santa Cruz, and now I currently work for Feel Good Foods, one of the most ethically valued catering businesses in the bay area.

For the last four years I have travelled to the Patagonia region of Chile in the winter to work as a trekking guide along the Northern Patagonia Ice Field. It was there where I learned the art of cooking over an open fire by the few true gauchos left in the region. I am passionate about cooking outdoors.

These two big parts of my life brought me to realize that I need to find a way to bring organic, sustainable food to the outdoors. Camping does not need to mean a lower standard for food.


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Like we said earlier, you create your trip. If you are a large group of friends on a smaller budget, we can make simple but delicious meals. If you are looking for an outing to impress, whether it be a couple’s 50th anniversary or a family reunion, that is our specialty.

Don’t forget that we are also fully equipped with the latest in outdoor camping gear. Give us a call to discuss more detailed pricing.

Zac Creager
Sierra Gourmet – Backcountry Catering